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Wade Hayes Discography

It's all about the music. Whether you're in the mood to listen, dance, dream or go honky tonking, you'll find wonderful resources in Wade's recordings. To learn more about each album - track titles, album notes, reviews - click on the picture.
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1. Go Live Your Life

2. Love Knew Better

3. Bluebonnet Blues

4. She is Home

5. Wrecking Ball

6. Here and Her

7. Let You Go

8. Remember the Alimony

.9. Old Dirt Road

10. If the Sun Comes Up

"Wichita Lineman"
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"It Doesn't Mean I Don't Love You"
single release as McHayes -

Available at iTunes and Amazon.com


Old Enough to Know Better


On a Good Night


When the Wrong One Loves You Right


Highways & Heartaches


Place to Turn Around


Go Live Your Life

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Wade Hayes Discography

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About Wade's 6th studio album, Go Live Your Life

One reviewer commented, "Another one written and delivered to perfection by Wade Hayes! The entire album is one that will stretch your emotions to the limit--you will laugh, you will cry, and get chills down your spine. A must have for anyone that loves REAL country music!

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